Rawa Pening – Bukit Cinta

What an interesting name, Bukit Cinta, literally translated: The Hill of Love. It’s a spot that I pick for exploring Rawa Pening, Ambarawa.

bukitcinta entrance area

Not so many things to explore. However, if you like to spend your time relaxing, it’s a good place. Basically, It’s a park. Not so many people hanging around but don’t come at weekend since it will be flooded by couples that want to spend their time together. Well, it’s a bukit cinta anyway.

IMGP0548 A view to Bukit Cinta, with Merbabu mountain as a background

The ticket is fairly cheap, only idr 3k (30 cents). That’s it. Yes, if you just want to sit on the bench, enjoy the Rawa Pening vista, or take a photograph. Oh, there is a parking fee, idr 3k for a car, and idr 1k for motorcycle, still pretty cheap to. So… what can you do here. Okay, here are some short lists. First, if you like photography, come in the morning or late afternoon. You know it already, don’t you? The “golden hour” will bring you magnificent panorama. In my opinion, except you want to shoot sun rise scene, come late afternoon. The air will full with birds, whether they solitary flies or in a flock. eagle-rawa peningeagle … 

I’m lucky have a chance to get an eagle…but, poor me, I didn’t have my tele lens with me.

IMGP0544 bird… where? I know I know, I didn’t have my tele lens…sigh

How come, well, I wasn’t prepare for hunting images. It’s a family trip.

Second, if you like riding a boat, do it. You can rent a boat with the driver for idr 50k. IMGP0562the  jetty

The boat can be used for up to 6 person. However, I don’t think that they let you ride the boat by yourself though. IMGP0426boat for rent

You will see “tambak apung” (floating fish-pond), some farmers, fishermen, birds, and eceng gondok. Farmers collect eceng gondok that will be dried and used for creating handicraft. IMGP0474farmers collect the eceng gondok (that’s a bunch of eceng gondok on the left side of image)

If you just want to enjoy a vista, you can take a sit on many benches that are available. You can sit in the park, or on the spot along Rawa Pening’s edge. They still build this area by adding some structures.

IMGP0420 Working in progress…

On the other hand, the snake-like building that circled the park is abandoned. The snake is Baru Klinting, and it is related with the story of the beginning of Rawa Pening. You may find further information about this story. It’s a folk tale.

IMGP0574 Abandoned building with many empty aquarium.. broken floor and glass window… pretty creepy. I wonder if I came at night, and there would be a ghost waiting for me on the dark spot … 

IMGP0519 Floating fish pond a.k.a. tambak apung

Lastly, you can enjoy fishing. You can borrow the fishing equipment on nearby store.

IMGP0581 Let’s go fishin..

That’s all… yes. It’s not a big area. That are things that you can do. I enjoy coming here but not for spending my time. When I was there, I only riding the boat like… err three times 😀 I enjoy the view. I also buy “cethul goreng” (some kind of fried minnow-ish meal).

IMGP0565 The gank… that’s my grandma, my mom, my wife, my auntie, my auntie, my uncle, my uncle, my …. blablabla

If you go around this area, I suggest you take a short visit, at least for riding a boat. It’s worth the price and your time.

IMGP0466 wooo hooo it’s me. I know it’s childish, let him be 




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