Weekly run – Plengkung Nirbaya

Couple days ago I went running around Pojok Beteng Kulon – Plengkung Nirbaya – Pojok Beteng Wetan (Beteng means fortress, plengkung means arch gate, wetan means east, kulon means west). plengkungnirbaya'

Pojok Beteng Kulon and Wetan are two of three Pojok Beteng left from what was four. Plengkung Nirbaya, also known as Plengkung Gading, located between Pojok Beteng Kulon and Pojok Beteng Wetan. The only fortress section left is the one located between Plengkung Nirbaya and Pojok Beteng Kulon. These are photos from my weekend run around beteng – plengkung Nirbaya.

run1 What’s left from the fortress

run2 Flock of birds welcome the upcoming morning

run3 Rondjeng, inner side of Pojok Beteng Wetan. Now, it’s opened at the evening for cafe. Will try it later…

run4 A view from Plengkung Nirbaya to Alun-alun Kidul. Alun-alun Kidul is a public space. Pretty crowded at night and in the morning.

Gotta continue, Run is fun, by the way…




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