Antasena is another character that dies for his sacrifice for Bharatayuda. Along with Antareja and Wisanggeni, they become offerings for Pandawa’s victory over Kurawa. antasena1 Antasena, along with his brother Antareja and his cousin, Wisanggeni, can not be matched with anyone during Bharatayuda. They are too strong. Actually there is Baladewa (read the story here) that can be their opponent. However, they will all die together if they fight. Kresna, who are Baladewa’s brother doesn’t want his brother to be killed, eventhough they are in the different sides. So Kresna turn himself into a beetle and spill the Batara Panyarikan’s ink and erase their name: Baladewa, Antareja, Antasena, and Wisanggeni from Baratayuda.

antasena2Antareja finally died by licking his own footprint. While Antasena and Wisanggeni disappear by looking Sang Hyang Wenang, their grandfather’s, third eye.

antasena3 Originally, Antasena and Antareja is the same character in Surakarta/ Solo wayang style. However, now they differentiate the character according to Yogyakarta style. Antareja is not as strong as his brother, Antasena, and also his cousin, Wisanggeni.


Character name: Antasena

Date of birth: April 27,  2014

Style: Surakarta/ Solo

Media: Acrylic on canvas, pencil sketching

Owner/ location: ms.Ismi’s collection/ Yogyakarta, Indonesia




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