Known by Kakrasana when young, Baladewa (baladeva, balaram), is the son of King Basudewa and Queen Maerah.

baladewaGods bless him with great power. He has two weapons from Batara Brahma: nenggala and alugora. He also has the mighty Puspadenta elephant. Baladewa, king Salya’s son in law, is the teacher of Duryudana, the oldest Kurawa, and Bima, one of Pendawa. On Bharatayuda, the epic civil war between Pandawa (good) and Kurawa (evil), king Salya takes side on Kurawa. It will make Baladewa stands with Kurawa. Kresna, his brother who also Pandawa’s war adviser, knows that no one can match him at Bharatayuda. Kresna tricks Baladewa to release his weapon Alugora. Alugora takes many lives and to repent his fault, kresna suggests him to have a meditation near grojogan sewu waterfall. Water sound will cover the noisy bharatayuda war. Later on, Baladewa knows this and accidentally kills Satya, Kresna’s son who does not let him enter the battlefield.

baladewa2After Bharatayuda, he becomes elder in Astina kingdom. Since he is the reincarnation of Batara Basuki, he has a long live. He die moksa after the end of Yadawa race.



Character name: Baladewa

Date of birth: April 13, 2014

Style: Surakarta/ Solo

Media: pen on paper, pencil sketching

owner/ location: private collection/ Yogyakarta, Indonesia




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