sengkuni1 Sengkuni is a bad guy. When I write bad, it means that he is really, really bad. He is the fallen god, kicked away from heaven since he tricks, lies, cheats, and do whatever he likes to get higher rank and position in heaven. After being dumped, he was born on earth as Arya Suman, a handsome knight and warrior. Eventhough now he is a human, he is still trouble maker. He takes all cost to fulfil his ambition to become a patih (a general in an army). He tries to get rid of Patih Gandamana by putting him into a trap and saying to the king that Patih Gandamana is a double crosser. Patih Gandamana can avoid the trap and angrily beat Arya Suman. Later on, Arya Suman becomes Sengkuni (means “from the spoken words”, he becomes ugly because of his slander to others). Sengkuni is no longer handsome but becomes ugly since he was beaten badly by Patih Gandamana.


Instead of repent of what his fault, Sengkuni becomes worse. He is the one behind Kurawa to begin envy with Pandawa. He does whatever it takes to get rid everyone in front of him to get a position he wants. Sengkuni is the spark that begin Baratayuda, a civil war between Pandawa (good) versus Kurawa (evil). He is killed by Bima (also known as Werkudara) on Baratayuda.


I paint this character on April 9th, 2014. It is the day Indonesia has a legislative election. I hope there are no “Sengkuni” on the house of representative.

Character name: Sengkuni

Date of birth: April 9, 2014

Style: Surakarta/ Solo

Media: acrylic on canvas, pencil sketching

Owner/ location: private collection/ Yogyakarta, Indonesia




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