Batara Ganesha

This is the first wayang character that I draw on canvas using acrylic paint. I paint this for a professor in the United States. He is my friend’s doctoral adviser. Since my friend work for ITB, I draw this character. There is a reason why ITB use Ganesha as their icon. He is the god of knowledge.

bataraganeshaThis a brief story of Batara Ganesha.

He has an elephant’s head since his mother, Dewi Uma feels astonished by gajah Airawata when she is pregnant. Gajah Airawata is Batara Indra’s pet and rode when he meets Batara Guru. Batara Guru is Dewi Uma’s husband and the ruler of three realms: heaven, world, and hell. He has a great power since he is a god.


Once upon a time, Prabu Nilarudaraka makes a chaos in heaven since his proposal to marry Dewi Gagarmayang is rejected. No gods can match him. However, baby Ganesha defeats Prabu Nilarudraka easily. As a rewards, many gods grant him abilities, weapon, and mainly knowledge. That is why he become the god of knowledge.

Character name: Batara Ganesha/ Batara Gana

Date of birth: March 31, 2014

Style: Surakarta/ Solo

Media: acrylic on canvas, pencil sketching

Owner/ Location: private collection/ North Carolina, USA






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