Batara Surya

Drawing another wayang character, this time I draw Batara Surya. Batara literally means God and Surya means the sun. He is the God of Sun. He has responsiblity to control the sun (it’s obvious, isn’t it) and along with his brother, Batara Candra (Candra means the moon), they control night and day. Eclipse, whether solar or lunar, according to the story is happen because of Kalarahu’s revenge to these gods. batarasurya1Here is the story.

One day, gods seek Tirta Amarta, the eternal water to the deep of the ocean. Once they find it, they take turn to drink it. There is an intruder among gods, which is Kalarahu, a cruel giant. Since Kalarahu changes appearance, no one can recognize him except Batara Surya and Batara Candra. When Kalarahu drinks it, they uncover his disguise so Batara Wisnu can cut Kalarahu’s head off using Cakra. Since Kalarahu already drink it, his head is eternal and fly away. His body becomes lesung. Lesung is a tool to separate rice from its husk. Sometimes, Kalarahu eats the sun and the moon to bother Batara Surya and Batara Candra. That is why when an eclipse comes, people in Java sounds lesung to hurt Kalarahu’s stomach so he will spit the sun or the moon.


I drew it because Surya is my last name 😀

Character name: Batara Surya

Date of Birth: March 29, 2014

Style: Surakarta/ Solo

Media: pen on paper, pencil sketch

Owner/ location: private collection/ Yogyakarta, Indonesia




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