This sketch is requested by my friend. She likes this character and wants me to draw it on a piece of paper. bhisma1 For me, Bhisma is a symbol of a sacrifice.  His life is full with sacrifice to the people around him, whom he loved very much. When he was young, he made a promise not to married so he won’t be the heir of his father’s throne. Then, he won a battle for the prize, three women, who became his brother’s wife. However, one of these women, Dewi Amba, wants to marry him. Since Bhisma already made a promise not to marry, he refuses Dewi Amba, eventhough Bhisma also in love with her. He scares her using arrow to drive her away, but his hand slip and the arrow accidentally kill Dewi Amba (Similar with the story of Sumantri and Sukrasana here). Before she dies, Bhisma tells Dewi Amba that he also in love with her. Dewi Amba says that she will meet again with Bhisma by re-incarnating on a female soldier. Later on, Dewi Amba reincarnates inside Srikandi and kills Bhisma during Bharatayuda. bhisma2 Halfway done sketching … bhisma3

Character name: Bhisma

Date of birth: March 26, 2014

Style: Yogyakarta

Media: pen on paper, pencil sketching

Owner/ location: ms. Ayu/ Yogyakarta, Indonesia



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