My friend asks me to draw this character. I know a little bit about Sukrasana since my dad used to tell me bedtime stories. And the story of Sukrasana is one of it. I throw a question to my friend: why he likes Sukrasana. The answer is, matching with my guess, the uniqueness of the character. The story of Sukrasana and Sumantri (I will paint Sumantri later) shows the unlimited love, sacrifice, and atonement. This story is, I don’t know, bitter or sweet, sad or happy ending.


Sukrasana and Sumantri are brothers. Both are the son of Resi Suwandagni and Dewi Darini. Sumantri and Sukrasana have a great power. However, they are physically different. Sukrasana has bad-ugly mini-troll loking while Sumantri is a handsome knight. Sukrasana becomes the gardener for Batara Wisnu at Sriwedari Park in Kahyangan Untarasegara. Sumantri becomes the head of knight under king Arjunasasrabahu in Maespati kingdom.


One day, Sukrasana misses his brother and wants to meet him. At that time, Sumantri get a task from King Arjunasasrabahu to move the Sriwedari Park to Maespati kingdom. Sumantri asks Sukrasana to do the task for him. Sukrasana succeed to move the park but Sumantri refuse to accept Sukrasana as his brother in front of the king. Sumantri threats his little brother with an arrow and accidentally the arrow kill him. Sumantri regrets it and Sukrasana promise him to meet him next time when a giant come. Later on, Sumantri battles Rahwana. During the battle he sees Sukrasana’s spirit on Rahwana’s teeth. Since he remembers Sukrasana’s promise, Sumantri let Rahwana bite him to death.

In my imagination, both of them are together in another world… life happily ever after. That’s just my imagination so this is a bitter sweet ending story.

Character name: Sukrasana

Date of birth: March 23, 2014

Style: Surakarta/ Solo

Media: pen on paper, pencil sketching

Owner/ location: mr.Laras Adi/ Yogyakarta, Indonesia




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