Rafting at Elo River

raftingelo1I went to Elo river on February 2014 for rafting.  I talked with the rafting company, Citra Elo, and they said that Elo river is safe for anyone. It will be great for family too. They regularly have rafting package twice a day, once starting at 9.30 am and the other one at 1.00pm. We need to go to their office and they will bring us to the starting point. It has 3 hours total duration with one rest area. I went in the morning.

raftingelo Walk through the bamboo “forest” to the starting line.

And these are pictures of rafting …

raftingelo2 Rafting teams start to move again after resting.

… and this one is my team. I went with friends from my office. The only “pro” person here is Ms.Nia, a lady with red helmet. She did it couple times.


raftingelo2 Finished, after three hours of adventures.

citraelo been there, done that.

It was fun and safe, so if you have a chance, grab it.






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