Sengkalan – Kraton Ngayogyakarta

A gate design that also has a function to remember its construction year.

aDSC_1646This one is called “dwi naga rasa tunggal”. Literally means two dragons are seen as one (since the dragons have entwined tails). Dwi means 2, naga (dragon) means 8, rasa means 6, tunggal means 1. Read from right to left: 1682. 1682 javanese year (1756 ad) is also the year when Kraton Yogyakarta was built. Two dragon becomes one also a representation of the unity between male-female. This place is called “mandungan” (the womb)

aDSC_1665The image above shows other gate design that is based the same year. It is “Dwi Naga Rasa Wani”. It means twin brave dragon. Bravery is underlined here since this is “magangan” (a place for a soldier to train).


The year that is converted into some kind of meaningful phrase called “Candra Sengkala”. Candra means the moon, and sengkala (or sengkalan) means year. So Candra Sengkala is the date based on lunar calendar. There is other sengkalan which based on the solar calendar called Surya Sengkala. Sengkalan can be transformed further than phrase to be a physical design. Usually it is used in a gate, monument, door, or carving design.




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